“I worked with Patricia during a one week class called “First Steps to Re-Employment” workshop at Trinity Baptist Church. She provided … an excellent workbook to record our voyage. We explored my interests through an Interest Assessment and a personality type. After getting a “Holland Code”, I was able to match it with occupations through O*NET. The class held my interest well and at the end I was able to assess my strengths and weaknesses which led to expanding my search for different types of jobs. This class helped me re-focus my efforts into broader areas and eventually led to a new job in sales with a contract position. Patricia is an excellent facilitator for career counseling and I would highly recommend her classes and services for those seeking employment or a new career.”

— E.R., Raleigh, NC

“I really enjoyed taking the Re-Employment Class taught by Patricia. She is very thorough and informative. Even before the class begun, she assisted me with class registration via e-mail. When I e-mailed her, she was very prompt to respond. There was a lot of good information covered in the class. Plus it was good meeting other folks that are in the same boat and networking with them. I give the class, 2 thumbs up!!!”

 — K.B., Raleigh, NC

“I recently attended one of Patricia’s career workshops. Her sessions were very informative and well done. The process helped me to better understand my strengths, skills, and temperament; and how to use them to best reach my goals. I also learned of my weaknesses and was given suggestions as to how to deal with them in constructive ways. It was also an adventure from the standpoint that I was the first participant to attend a workshop of hers via remote conferencing (the workshop held in Raleigh, NC and myself in Chesapeake, VA). It was time well spent and I would highly recommend Patricia and her workshops to anyone looking for work, changing careers, or just wanting to do better where they are.”

 — G. B., Chesapeake, VA

“I am grateful for the opportunity of meeting, knowing and working with a couple [Patty & Dennis] that is so dedicated in helping others. Your excellent skills, your willingness to serve, and your spirit to give greatly impacts the lives of individuals that have the pleasure of being associated with you.”

— H. L., Raleigh, NC

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