My Career Voyage


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My Career Voyage: Charting the Course is everything you need to get your career planning and job search needs met, efficiently and economically, by equipping you with the navigational tools necessary to plan and manage your career and job search.

Whether you are attending a classroom, workshop, or working individually, you will be enriched and energized as you: explore careers, make a career choice, create a professional career portfolio, and navigate your job search with successful resume and job search solutions.

My Career Voyage is everything you need to chart a career course and to pursue a job that’s a good fit for you. Expand your career potential today by purchasing this highly effective resource.

Cover price $15.95. On Sale Now – $13.95 + shipping & handling.

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2 thoughts on “My Career Voyage

  1. I discovered you while googling myself and discovered our common vocation. You have a very good offering and I will review in more detail. I am always looking for feedback on my website too. Perhaps we can connect on LinkedIn? Much continued success to you.

    • Hi Patricia. Sorry for the delayed response. I just discovered your message (looks like you went to my spam box for some reason). What a coincidence on our names! I will look you up on linked in and connect.


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